Just woke up, am extremely tiring..

Yup !

Yesterday I start working already !

Went over straight after SPINNOVEX ( will upload pics tml ).

HEHE !! :D

Was chatting with HK (Hock Kiang) these few days,
then we suddenly talked bout Part-Time jobs.
Realised have been slacking throughout the whole of 2009.
So I asked him if he have lobangs intro.
HK : Ok lor, you come work tml ..


So I went to work with him and his cousin another HK ( Hock Kiong )
at Bottle Tree Park's Bar & Bistro.

From 8pm to 3am.

The environment is nice and chio,
especially at nite !
place is small and cosy..
too bad didn't bring cam.

The happiest thing working there, if you asked me..
is that, I'm able to work with them.
The last time I worked with K is when I'm in Sec 3-4.
That's how we get to know each other and got together.

Though have went out with K a few times,
but this's the first time working with him.

I tripped on the chair like 2 times lor..
Then he keep ask me xiao xin..
Damn paiseh..
But what to do..
New to environment..
Night time some more .

Whole world knows I don't like to wear specs except in class.

K know this too..
So the moment I reached there,
he passed me a mini torchlight.


A simple and relaxing job.
Bring the customers to their seats.
Pass them the menu and say I'll come back later.

But it'll always be K or K taking the orders.
Cos' I'm still alien to the menu, vice versa.

When I'm reali too free liao,
I jiu start taking orders lor..

Simple ones still ok..
Like soft drinks, soda , juices..
Snacks like calamari rings, wedges, fries , sandwiches , topshells.. .. ..

Wine and Hard Liq. jiu buay sai..
COS' !



I've learn new things !

1) I know how to pour beer .
What ? Cannot is it ?
Pour beer also need skill de ok...

And I learn by myself de lor..
K say nvm nvm he do..
But I so free leh..
So I peep from a distance how he do it.

Then the next customer ordered Erdinger !
Wa damn happy !

K asked me what he ordered, I say dunno,
then I went to do it myself !

What can I say ?
I so pro man..
K saw liao then he was like -_-;
I know he was impressed but didn't show it.

2) Erdinger has white and dark.

The whole bottle only feels up 9/10 of the glass.
So the last part must hold slightly higher to form PAO PAO !

Around 1.30am, it's really slack time le .
Boss bought supper for us .

The cashier's name is Michelle.
Then they keep Michelle bill !
Michelle heineken !
Michelle wedges !
Michelle !
Michelle !

And everytime I turn over..
What the..

Cos' during my attachment, the people called me Michelle.
Imagine for 2 months,
people call you that.
You'll somehow adapt de ma ..
Then they keep Michelle Michelle ..


Ok back to point, so boss bought us supper..
After that jiu sit around and talk crap..
They wanna redo the menu,
to make it look more appetising.

I volunteered since I'm doing assignment for HTML module.
Might as well do one more .
Some more it only needs the look,
it doesn't need the code and all.
Probably less than 2 hours jiu finish le ba ?

Then the boss said :
Ok done le just tell me the cost.

I was like huh ?
What cost ?

I shifted my glance to K then he just nodded slightly .

Me : ok.

Anyway when we were packing , a group of teenager came up.

A : Go la go la !
B : Go nia , mai shy
C : I thought you wan her number?
D : dunwan *try to struggle off their grabs*
E : faster la, u shy what .
A : ya lor "CAMP" here so long liao, now she off work
D : argh... * runs away*

All these happen in front of me leh.
Kiong was like, shrugs his shoulders.
I don't know he gt saw or never.

Anyway, boss sent all of us home and ..

Keril Hilson, Kanye West, Ne-Yo - Knock you down
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Merry Xmas !

So excited even while I'm typing this post.

This is my 1st time celebrating an ocassion at a HOTEL .. ..
with friends !


Amara Hotel .

Our rooms .

They're joined by a small door by the side .

They reached early to help deco the rooms and get everything ready !

Donuts from Donut Empire.

Whats Xmas without a LOGCAKE ???

Prizes for Lucky Dip !

Hats for everyone :D



Snacks and Non-Alcohol drink =)

Chio ?
The ballons on the Ceiling ..
Yus got them from Raffles Place.
She said its damn paiseh ..
Holding 12 balloons walking around .
Luckily she had her shades .
Finally ! :D

Much thanks to Yusrina, Benjamin, Calvin Lee, Yu Han and Elvina !

Remember I'm supposed to wear that school girl look ?

Shit lor, was bathing at home..
And that white shirt dropped onto the ground.
Kns .
The green-printed top is actually a dress.
Imagine tucking a dress into a skirt -_-;

Anyway Camwhore starts !

I did a bubble bath and asked Yus helped me took pic of it !

So happy ! HEHEHE :D

Girls .

The room is so beautiful ..

Never take pic so wasted lor !

After that we went to eat Pastamania !

Playing with SoonLeong's DECO specs .
No lenses de !!
Went back, and the party begins !

Supposed to be cheers ,
But the class YUM SENG-ed instead.
Hope we didn't disturb the rooms nearby.
LOL !!

See their mouth ..


Chuan Seng said he's drunk and disturbed me .

YH = J ( Y + H )
Realised we're always standing in this combination.


Have been guessing so long ...
And this is my Secret Santa !
He got me a bear :D
He kinda looks sad ..
Can't bear the gimme I think .
Must have accompanied him for more than 19++ yrs =X

I dunno how to describe my facial expression.
Prbably cos' I didn't expect to receive a soft toy I think ..
Anyway thanks :D

And My Santee ..
Calvin Lee !

A headphone and a thumbdrive .

I fulfilled 2/3 of his wishlist.
The 3rd one was supposed to be chocolates.

Cos' he wanted something DIY-ed .

I swear I did them !
But I left it on the dining table and forgot to bring out :(

Yus got special presents for ..... the G4 !

The Gay 4 ;)


The Lucky Dip session !
We're supposed to picked a ball.
Only 5 extraordinary prizes, others are Kinder Surprise .
Somehow, all of them are praying to get KS.
Cos' there's chocs and toys.

1st -> Nicholas

2nd -> Julian

3rd -> Elvina

4th -> Yu Han

5th -> Benjamin

The others .. like me and Bartho ..
Got kinder Surprise !

I was like ...

Me : Eh how to eat this one ah ?
YuHan : You never eat before ??
Me : No eh .. I don't even know how to open =_=;
SoonLeong : See la ! Just now ask you see me eat you don't want ...




I once read an E-mail..

It's something like this ..

/**Teacher gives each student an A4 size paper with name on top,
asking them to write how you feel for each of your friends.

So after the students graduate, they met many obstacles in life.
So one of this student was about to commit suicide..

He was packing his stuff...
When he saw this piece of paper ..
And realise just how important he was then .. to his friends.
He lived on ;) **/

I thought this must be fun, so I suggested to Yus.
She agreed , like IMMEDIATELY !

LOL !!
But instead of A4 size paper to pass around ,
I cut many many many pcs of paper . 200++, plus making 17 envelopes.

Took me 3hours . =_=;

But it's worth it ! :D
Cos' I feel that ..
when you pass around ..

You'll tend to write something similar to the one(S) on top..
So I gave each person 16pcs of coloured paper ..

And they started ..
The process was so cute !

They look more hardworking than they were for Exams .
Soft music in the background ..
It was so peaceful ..

Until Bartho's playlist suddenly plays : RAPE ME ~~~

Ocassionally you'll feel many people staring at you ..

I did that too ..
Maybe to feel what to write to that person..

Hardworking hor ?

Machiam too busy to leave bedroom ..
Mum : Ah boy ... Come eat dinner liao ..

"I need to study mum !"
Who is nicholas staring at ..
So fierce . LOL

See Shen Han staring at Calvin Neo ... for INSPIRATION !

Emo kid .
Alone can concentrate better ah Chong Wei ? :P

Staring again .. hahaha...

And done !

Fattie called this the E-M-O envelopes .
After writing , we put each paper into the envelopes .
Everyone took theirs and went to a corner ..

Some shared , some didn't .

Fattie ... Read till cry ...

Dun sad leh ! :D


Random pics .
This pic ChongWei so cute .. HEHEHE

Like bear bear hor ?

Bartho's sleeping ..

The guys decorated the stuff,
and made it look like a VIP room in a hospital.


Like ... F.I.R ma ?

Leaving Amara ..
Girls .

3B02 .

Much much love ;)

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